EP 5 : Chicago, Illinois (U.S.A)

(In production)

Chicago is insane.  It's hard-working, harsh winters, take your pick on whatever the hell you want to do.  Blues, jazz, endless bar venues to see bands at.  What always caught me, was the insanely healthy D.I.Y. music scene.  If you want an honest opinion, I have no idea what the hell the Chicago episode will shape up to be.  I have years of killer footage from some of what I consider to be a few of the most crazy underground bands, and venues in America.  I do feel the need to be living in Chicago again to finish this episode, even if it's just interviews on top of old footage.  However, my camera and skills have been so largely upgraded, I really should delve into the current happenings of things.  News to come on this one, I suppose.  

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